Vani Kimbrell

Workshop(s): Awakening the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness (All Levels): Rooster Stage



Vani has been teaching yoga for the last 12 years and is thankful to many teachers. Currently, Vani offers Kundalini yoga classes at Mandala Yoga Studio in Portland, Oregon guided by the spiritual teachings of Swami Satchidananda and Yogi Bhajan. She is certified in Hatha Yoga through Integral Yoga, Kundalini Yoga through 3HO, and Pre-Natal Yoga through Whole Birth Yoga. Vani is as well a certified doula through CAPPA. These days Vani spends her time learning from her granddaughter and the at-risk young people she teaches through Street Yoga. When she is not teaching yoga, Vani writes poetry

Vani Yoga
Vani Kimbrell

Pensacola Beach, FL & Portland, OR

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