Laura Tyree, 500 ERYT, 700

Workshop(s): Sweetly Purifying and Grounding (All Levels): Pig Stage

Friday 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Laura encourages her students to utilize their yoga practice in a multitude of ways. Many deepen their awareness of self and open fully to their unique beauty and strength, both inner and outer. Her teachings grow and blossom as her life transforms. Blend these cherished traits with her unique approach to the eight-limb path, mantra meditation, anatomy, and psychology and then one can grasp the full, organic richness of her yogic style.

On this journey, she combines hand mudras with asana, linking the breath, mantra, energetic clarity, and spiritual concepts to flow richly into a timeless experience of yoga and the self. Laura Tyree first trained with Jan Campbell and the rigorous Iyengar Yoga Method in 1986, while recovering from a sports related injury from college. She began teaching in 1990 after meeting teachers Erich Schiffmann and Rodney Yee. Internal awareness, breath, and compassionate purpose lead her to deepen her practice and her studies. Co-founder of Yoga Source in Nashville TN (1996), she began to teach in earnest and found an even deeper love in the continued sharing of the yoga knowledge.

After many years of practice and study with Rodney, Erich and other dedicated and renowned teachers, she continues to hone her teaching skills and explore her personal growth. Laura opened the Florida doors of Dragonfly Yoga Studies January of 2001, consolidating her training programs into one, 10 month long teacher’s course. With her love of adventure and nature, she now travels to facilitate yoga asana workshops and teacher trainings throughout the Southeast, and enjoys teaching public classes and her teacher training programs in Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Her favorite teachers include: Erich Schiffmann, Rodney Yee, Colleen Yee, Jan Campbell, Doug Keller, Prudence Bruns, Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati, and Theta Healer Jill Isbell.

Laura’s love of music and chanting lead to the release of several music and instructional CD available on iTunes.

Laura is also an Ushi Reiki Master and Massage Therapist,
Her chief modalities are Myo-fascial Release Training from Master instructor John Barnes, a gentle, therapeutic form for healing fascia and the nervous system, and Theta Healing Creator Vianna Stibal and Theta Healer/Teacher Jill Isbell.

Laura is currently featured in multiple seasons on the popular internet video show YogaAnytime.

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