Soul Fire and Flow: Fire Breath Pranayama, Heart-Centered Soulful Movement & Sound Healing (All Levels): Rooster Stage

Michael Brant DeMaria

Friday 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.


The fire rooster is not afraid to full show up and how its colors and voice off to the world! The fire rooster reveals that when we live from soul, form the inside-out we are not afraid of standing out in the crowd, of looking eccentric – it is a sign of actually being undivided with oneself, honoring all of who one is.

This class is based on the newest research in recovering the capacity for rhythm and play for health, healing and wellness. We will do a brief warm-up, create a safe environment and then dance through the elements, clearing the energy centers in the body—to promote releasing harmful stress hormones, while boosting natural healthy endorphins and brain chemistry—as well as quieting the mind, while we open the heart and exercise the body.

After some fire breathing pranayama to warm up, including some contagious and hilarious laughter yoga to find our inner fire rooster, we will move to some flowing heart-centered, soulful being-level movement to music that will help us experience the wholeness of mind, body, heart and soul as a unitive experience.  Finally, the class will conclude with a relaxing yoga nidra meditation where Dr. DeMaria will create a sound healing experience to seal our practice honoring all the elements finding balance within and without.

Bring a mat for a lying down relaxation at the end – and most importantly bring your inner child and all of who you are!

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