Tammy Binkley

Workshop(s): Light Your Own Lamp: Kundalini: All Levels: Fire Stage



Tammy Binkley began on her yoga path in 1998. A search for happiness and health in her life brought her to yoga.  Inspired with the balance, contentment and awareness yoga brought to her life, sharing yoga with others is her passion.  Her studies include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Vinyasa flow yoga. Tammy’s calling is to empower others through yoga and total body wellness to follow their dreams and live a life full of passion and purpose.

“It is my intention for each class to create a space for compassion, transformation and healing. Each class is a form of moving meditation in which we use the body and the breath to quiet our minds so that we may listen to the wisdom of our own intuition, our Inner Voice.”

Tammy Binkley
850 246-1112

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