Rob Lenfestey

Workshop(s): Intro to Slackline (Outdoor Slackline: All Levels)

Saturday 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm



Rob Lenfestey offers a refreshing alternative to the conventions of spiritual practice, balance and creativity. Through his Ohmni Yoga Practice, his blend of Movement, Music and Adventure empowers others to draw from the pool of vitality inside each of them. Self limiting patterns fall away with the powerful yet playful explorations of human potential.

Rob’s musical performances, classes workshops and retreats draw from his wide range of passions and talents; blending the powerful balance practices of the Yogaslackers’ Slackline Yoga Practice; Partner and Group Acro Yoga, wilderness adventure based Yogawild and drawing on the environment and people involved to weave a brand new, unique and powerful magic in each situation. As hundreds of people worldwide can attest; to be fully understood it must be experienced.

Rob is an avid Mountaineer and Climber, and Spiritual Adventurer. In 2005 Rob became the Youngest solo-ascentionist Aconcagua; the worlds tallest mountain outside of Himalaya. He has since traveled the world teaching slackline and acrobatics in rural villages and city parks in South America, India and Nepal; and has been blessed to have been personally addressed and met by H.H. The Dalai Lama and to have private audience with H.H. the Karmapa. Rob has participated as creative director and actor for multiple documentaries including 11 Miles to Paradise, Stack in Kathmandu and A Journey to the Valley of Flowers. Rob is Ambassador for AOMusic and travels the world seeking children of different cultures and recording their voices in unison for the Grammy nominated and Award winning musical group. Documentaries of his travels with AOMusic are forthcoming.

Share in the journey and join Rob in one of his magical adventures!

Rob Lenfestey
Asheville, North Carolina

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