Roost, Revive, Renew: A Quiet Practice to Replenish your Reserves (All Levels): Fire Stage

Kathy Tabb

Saturday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


The year of the Fire Rooster embodies strength, serenity and service. Externally, it is a time to be open to everything, to everyone and to every encounter. It is also a time for discernment and clarity about personal beliefs and ideals. It is a time to embrace what serves us and to let go of what does not. It is a year to be strong in principal and also in compassion.

In order to execute this external strength gracefully, one must embody internal discernment and inner discrimination. In order to serve usefully in the world we must understand our own personal beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The ancient yogis, in their wisdom, understood this. Using meditation, and yoga nidra, the ancient yogis witnessed their thoughts, emotions and samsakaras arise. They were able to choose what useful thoughts and emotions to keep to help them serve better, and what to discard  that was not useful or productive. In meditation, and yoga nidra, the yogi first sharpens his/her inner buddhi (highest intellect); then he/she awakes and goes into the world to serve.

In this class we will delve deeply into ourselves and our quiet practice. Through yoga we will strengthen our internal discernment and our inner wisdom so we can awaken and serve well. This class will combine gentle asana, pranayama, and yin poses to soothe and calm body and mind. It will lead us into the cave of the heart to experience yoga nidra and a deep state of stillness. The class will finish in a short seated meditation.

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