Yin Yoga & Meditation (All Levels): Earth Stage

Willow Conolly

Saturday 9:00 am - 10:30 pm


The Year of the Dog is a time of fairness and equality. It can be hard to remember that with so much violence happening all over the world. It is a time to take responsibility for the energy that we bring into a room or that we put out into the universe. Are you trying to become more aware? Are you trying to raise your vibration?

As we raise our awareness we can continue to build a more solid foundation that is rooted and aligned with our universal values of love and respect for all. The year of the dog is a yang year but it is so important to stay balanced and do a yin practice.

Allow yourself time to connect to the planet and to your spirit so that you can find out what balance means to you.

In this class you can expect sit still, move gently, stretch deeply and learn to shift your energy with the help of very creative guided meditations. This class is open to all levels. Bring your imagination, Energy shifts quickly with amusement.

Kundalini yoga is a way of gaining access to your own inner luminosity and becoming established in your essential self.  We are waking up to realize that in a moment of darkness that there is a light within us that is loving, sustaining and renewing.  Discover the power of pranayama, mantra and kriya to increase your radiance, vitality and awaken new levels of awareness and insight.

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