Evolutionary Music Concert (All Levels): Dog Stage

Paradisio & Rasamayi

Sunday 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Embark on this frequency-facilitated journey, individually created to transport each unique group and participant to planes of existence most have never dreamed possible. People around the world have reported an experience beyond the perception of time and limitations when they are immersed in the vibrations that come through Paradiso and Rasamayi.

The deep meditative state of theta brainwave activity facilitate by this multi-harmonic overtone balance of didgeridoos, gem-infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls and angelic vocal toning, is the foundation of a powerful experience with greater benefits than the relaxation of a sound “bath” and greater evolutionary capacity than sound “healing.”

Healing testimonials do abound, including: overnight tumor disappearances, cancer remissions, spontaneous organ recovery, healing of broken bones, the alleviation and cessation of mood disorders including depression and anxiety, and breaking addictive patterns with food, alcohol and other substances. However, healing is only the beginning of possible benefits, as these twin flame ambassadors of the Sacred Sound Current incorporate frequencies of infinite creative capacity to work beyond the limitations of single frequencies, each of which offer a singular scientifically validated benefit.

Other reported benefits include tremendous expansion of creative and intellectual abilities, visions, and messages of love and life purpose. Leave your expectations and attachments behind to invite more divine possibilities, and increasingly integrate joy, peace, purpose and wellness in each transformative experience with Paradiso and Rasamayi.

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