The Genesis Party (Collaborative Music Project: All Ages) : Lobby/Registration

Amy & John Jinks

Saturday 9:30 pm – 12:00 pm


The Genesis Party is a musical collaboration project where a song is created using original contributions from many participants. You can be one of those contributors by joining us at this year’s Mahabhuta Yoga Festival. For the past two years, we have collaborated with many amazing people at Mahabhuta, creating a song each year. Those songs have been featured on the festival promo video and have received rave reviews from many in the yoga and kirtan communities.

To honor the fire monkey spirit, we will use the Adi Shakti mantra to revel in the creative energy that we all possess. Hanuman, I’m sure, will make a cameo too. It’s really up to you because you are a co-creator of the masterpiece that will unfold at Mahabhuta 2016. This year is a little extra special because the song will be featured on Mahabhuta’s first live album! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to collaborate and share your voice (or guitar solo ;).

Our yoga inspired collaborations can be found here.

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