Nada Yoga (All Levels): Rooster Stage


Saturday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


The ancient musicologists and mystics of India, who developed sound therapy, observed that Sound has an invincible power. Nothing is an exception to its laws of natural harmony. Sound therapy is an arrangement of sounds, in a specific order and design, to invoke different vibrational states that influence our very DNA.
Much scientific study has been done relating how our feelings affect our bodies and minds. When sounds are arranged according to the principles of the ancient music of India, which are based on natural scales and intonations, they produce pure intervals and tones not found in western music. When these natural tones are expressed in the proper formula by a musician trained in Nada Yoga, a healing vibration is set up that goes beyond the sound vibrations in the air, and resonates within us at the cellular and molecular level. This gives the listener the experience of sound healing.

The music therapy of India is a ‘science of awareness’ and a vehicle to still the mind – the science of using sound vibrations to bring the moving pendulum of the mind to a stop.

Musical sounds, when combined in a specific manner, have a dynamic and powerful effect in balancing the energies of the body. Sound therapy, also known as music therapy or sound healing, is an automatic process of deep inner healing set in motion through the right combinations of sounds that resonate within and fill the space around us. Since we are a product of our immediate environment, Nada Yoga music aims to treat the environment first, with music based on the chemistry of sound from the ancient sacred music of India.

In today’s world, there are many gross and subtle forces and vibrations which disrupt the natural flow, rhythm and harmony of our bodies and energy fields. NADA YOGA is the art and science of utilizing sound and music to bring about a state of consciousness which assists in purifying the body and its energy fields, restoring their natural vibrations. Nada Yoga uses Raga (melody form) and Tal (rhythmic cycle) to help the mind be steady and the senses quiet.  It is listening to the inner sounds, bringing us back to the source. Nada Yoga is a science of sound; a vibrational chemistry using specific formulas of musically and mathematically exact intervals and tonal sequences to balance and influence the mind, body and emotions.

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