Acro Yoga: Earth Dog (All Levels) Outdoor

Rebecca Sathre | Chris Amador

Saturday 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm


Please join us in this radically positive Year of the Earth Dog. The Earth Dog is a peacemaker and very energetic. Acro yoga is about connection and making peace with your fear and peace within your community. It is a fun, energetic practice.  Acro Yoga is about support, community, trust, conscious communication, connection, depth, strength and play.  With the grounding energy of the earth, we will set our foundations for safely practicing Acro Yoga. From this stability, we will move into connection to community, sincere communication and compassionate playful Acro Yoga.  In this Acro Yoga practice, we will ground, grow, learn, build strength, and laugh together with loving kindness, playfulness and full presence. All levels welcome and encouraged to join. We will vary the practice for each level, so each person comes out of the workshop inspired, sincere, and ready to make positive change.

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