The Voice of Fire Rooster: Honoring Boundaries through Vissudha Chakra (All Levels): Rooster Stage

Meggan Riley | DJ Jon Juan

Sunday 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Inspired by the crow of rooster, participants will work through vissudha chakra at the throat, to explore their boundaries in all realms of practice.  The voice of Fire Rooster is a source of communication and truth.  Rooster claims territory with its’ crow.  In this workshop, our work will be to clear and strengthen our own voice, by exploring and defining our boundaries in practice.  Mixed level asana will target the upper body including the shoulders, cervical spine, upper pallet and skull.  This workshop will also include mantra, pranayama, meditation and svasasana. Suggested to bring a firm blanket as a prop for use in supporting the cervical spine.

Yogis have hailed and revered fire, or Agni, since the beginning. Fire alchemizes, purifies, illumines. Nectar, or Soma, is what yogis have always sought – worked from fire, it is the tasting of wholeness, sweetness, immortality. Our practice is transforming fire. Our practice brings healing nectar. The heat is sweet with revelation, the sweetness burns with yearning for more. In this all-levels practice we’ll stoke the fires and imbibe wholly with clarifying and nourishing asana, followed by breath work and meditation.

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