Tanya Jackson Broom



Featured Artist: Tanya Broom created the design for the 2016 Mahabhuta Yoga Festival: Year of the Fire Monkey during a period of reflection and inspiration over the winter solstice. Tanya’s personal yoga practice and her travels to India influenced this year’s design.

Tanya Jackson Broom, A Gulf Coast native, has an innate love of nature that invokes a transcendent quality in her art. Tanya’s forays into visual discoveries began at age 5 when she created her first oil painting with her grandmother. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of Pensacola Bay and the Gulf, she was constantly inspired by the world around her and continues to allow those influences to feed her art.

Tanya captures the essence of adventure in her images. Her travels throughout the Southeast and Western United States, India, and Europe heavily influence her style and subject matter. The practice of yoga and meditation has given her the gift of a deeper appreciation and perspective of the natural world, and she strives to document this awareness through her art.

Tanya is one of the leading art educators on the Gulf Coast. She has been influencing creativity and encouraging expression in students at Booker T. Washington high school in Pensacola, Florida for over a decade. During the inaugural Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, she collaborated with other top educators and advanced art students to create the five elemental batiks that hang outside the festival. Each year, Washington High Art Department decorates the festival with original handmade batiks created by the art students.

When she is not occupied with hosting art festivals, creating murals, and teaching art, Tanya is her own artist. Tanya’s mediums include (but are not limited to) printmaking, textiles, watercolors, pen and ink, illustrations, altered books, ceramics, mixed media, and collage. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband, Reese, and listening to her son, Kaleb, a musical genius, play saxophone. Whether Tanya is hiking a trail, canoeing the rivers, or frolicking on the beach, she will always have a sketchbook in tow. She believes Life is Art and enjoys capturing it as it unfolds.

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