Sara Phelan

Workshop(s): Yin Yoga: The Art of Stillness



Sara Phelan is a certified 200 hour Akhanda Yoga teacher, a certified yin yoga teacher through Sara Powers’ training program, and a teacher in training for her 300 hours through Open Space Yoga, O’ahu.

Sara has been on and off a yoga mat for over 25 years. Her first yoga teacher was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in Poona, India at 3 years old when she joined her mom on a trip to study for 3 months with Bhagwan, commonly known today as Osho.  When she returned home, she took a piece of India home with her and it close it her heart ever since.

Sara has studied and practiced many different styles of yoga. Jivamukti and yin yoga in particular have deeply influenced her teaching style and way of life. She embraces the meditative practices of yoga, of turning inward, and quieting down. In her personal practice, she is inspired by yin yoga, and the longer holds of seated asana, as well as mindfully movement through the more physically demanding and strength building standing asanas. She keeps a daily mediation practice and refers to this quieter side of yoga, as “a different form of strength.” Sara works daily towards cultivating balance, with steadiness and ease. She currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and two daughters.

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