Universal Sound Healing (All Levels): Rooster Stage


Sunday 10:00 am - 11:30 am


If only we would recognize the inner voice, we would see that the different scriptures all contain words spoken by one and the same voice. Some hear the voice, others only hear the words, just as in nature some see only the branches and others the roots of the tree; but all these different scriptures and ways of worship and of contemplating God are given for one purpose: the realization of unity. In unity reside the happiness and illumination of man, and his guidance in life. We all know unity by name, but most of us think of it as uniformity. The Vedanta for thousands of years in all its prayers and mantras voiced this central theme: unity, the oneness of all. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Singing is a beautiful vehicle for individuals to locate and recognize both their individual inner voice among multitudes and the one voice that we all share. When we find a literal voice that is free of compromise and allows for play between the sounds of the individual within the group, then we live the example of unity without uniformity. There lies the potential for the embodiment of the universal worship. This workshop will create an opportunity for people to experience Universal Worship in an active way.

In this workshop we will explore each of the major religions by singing songs of that faith…we will sing our way through the universal worship. Songs that emphasize unity will be the focus. We will also acknowledge the smaller and unknown faiths.

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