Commit, Discover & Explore (All Levels) Earth Stage

Gabi Garrett

Saturday 11:00 am - 12:30 am


As we immerse ourselves in the year of the Earth Dog, let’s get grounded and root into what gives us the ability to serve others. To be the light in the world, we have to fully come alive first – often through setting an intention to complete an unfinished goal, or simply by fully committing to our yoga practice. This workshop will allow you to commit to an area of your life and fully begin to bloom. We will explore what your true potential could be if you dove fully in to your yoga practice, your life and your passions. Most importantly, collectively, we’ll commit to ourselves (We’re talking pen and paper), discover how we can find time in our weeks for our practice and goals as we explore what makes us truly come alive. You will leave this workshop feeling ready to take on the world and having laughed and smiled in Gabi’s presence.

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