Plant-Inspired Yoga

Kate Daughdrill

Saturday 11am - 12:30pm


True presence with the earth can bring us into a profound state of connection in a very similar way to an asana practice. In this class, we will bring the presence of plants onto the mat as we invite the energy, smells, and physicality of the plants to support us in surrendering to the “oneness of yoga”. We will work with living plants, movement, and breath to explore what it feels like to be at home in our bodies and on the earth.

This class will begin with a grounding plant pranayama experience. We will then flow into an asana practice to warm up the body and enliven our felt sense of connection to Life. We will focus on sensing within ourselves as well as sensing the earth, ocean, trees, and sky that we are enveloped in. We will then integrate a physical plant into a kundalini meditation, channeling the grounding yet enlivening qualities of the plant to move us into a deeper state of healing meditation. We will be interacting with live plants and rocks in this yoga class. Come prepared to feel the warmth, grounding, and nurturing of the cozy, at-home Earth Dog as we explore how plants can heighten–and deepen–our yogic practices.

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