Brynne Heatley

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Brynne Heatley is an American singer songwriter based in Pensacola, Florida with a passion for sharing the joy of being alive. After experiencing her own spiritual awakening from an apocalyptic dream, Brynne shares her journey from depression to bliss through the healing powers of meaningful music and heart-felt lyrics.

Heatley’s sound is powerful and imaginative, using looper pedals to layer her own voice into a soulful blend of dreamy harmonies. She draws upon her knowledge of yoga and meditation to guide the listener deeper into their own spiritual journey.

Brynne designs her songs to be individual  mantras of “soul-medicine” for all people to sing in their own voice in their own way.  She teaches yoga and meditation locally, often singing to her class in Savasana.  Brynne has taught yoga, meditation and vocal activation at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2018 at Plaza 9 and intends to continue performing and teaching in the global festival circuit encouraging the movement of love and healing in the world. Brynne is currently recording her first album “HeartSongs for Humanity” in Pensacola, with the intention to release in 2019.

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Instagram: @love_Brynnevere
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