Amy & John Jinks

Sunday 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm



Amy and John Jinks are singing from their debut album of Kundalini mantras and beautiful melodies. We believe being able to creatively express ourselves is one of the essential gifts of being human. By nurturing creativity, within a disciplined practice, we bring light to the artist within. Kundalini Yoga and Music connects us to our true selves.

Jinks Music Universe, founded in 2013, is John and Amy Jinks—and friends. We are a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of music through production, education, management and publishing. Our current vehicle for exposure is The Genesis Party project where, at a group event, we create an original song using small contributions from many participants. We have been collaborating and creating music with Stacey Vann, founder of the Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, since the very first festival in 2012. We launched a live album for the 5 year anniversary as well as a collection of all the original collaborations created by the Genesis Party with all the featured musicians and festival goers from the first 5 years.

Check out the album here:


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